Temperature Regulation

Alpaca animals thrive in harsh environments where temps can range massively in a single day. Alpaca fiber delivers the holy grail for technical fabrics - keeping you cool when its hot and warm when its cold.


Superior Comfort

Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic and naturally less itchy (no lanolin, less scaling). Because alpaca is so good at wicking, bacteria from sweat doesn't create nearly as much foot odor. No washing machine, no problem.

long lasting

Lasting Quality

There are no compromises for alpaca fibers technical function, but we pair the fiber artfully with high-quality synthetics you can depend on your Follow Hollow gear to last year after year, wash after wash and adventure after adventure.


The Problem

Most socks aren't up to the challenge of a modern, jam-packed life. They get wet and stinky before the day is done.  Just like you, we're always on the go and we wanted to find socks that would last ALL DAY LONG.

Making The Perfect Sock

Two years worth of research lead to the conclusion that the best material choice was alpaca. It simply outperformed in test after test.

Alpaca is among the best wicking materials known to man. The hollow fibers of the alpaca accelerates a capillary action to manage moisture. That moisture management quality is the magic of our socks. A dry foot is a comfortable foot.

Our Solution

We created a technical, performance alpaca sock that utilizes a high percentage of alpaca fiber to wick moisture. Cutting edge manufacturing techniques make them form fitting, comfortable and durable. 

The best materials make the best socks. Check our reviews section to see what other customers have to say.