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Our Story

The Problem with Socks

Think about the moment of your day when you can finally remove your sweaty, stinky socks. It's a signal to your body and mind that the day is done, when in reality you might have a lot more left to do. That's the issue. Most socks aren't up to the challenge of a modern, jam-packed life. 

As someone who’s always on the go, I’ve made it my goal to find socks that last ALL DAY LONG.  

Finding The Perfect Material

After spending two years trying socks from dozens of manufacturers made of all sorts of different materials, I finally got a glimpse of what I set out to find. Alpaca.  

Alpaca is hollow which accelerates the capillary action to manage moisture, it's less itchy because it has far less scaling, it doesn't require harsh chemicals to soften, its ecologically beneficial, it's economically beneficial, it's more durable, it offers more insulation with less bulk, its hypoallergenic, it's pretty great really. 

In short, alpaca makes an incredibly comfortable sock and the performance of the material is unmatched.

Now that alpaca socks are the clear front runner, how can we find alpaca socks that are the best of the best. In the research we found that the fiber itself was undoubtedly great, but the construction was lacking or the actual amount of alpaca was far too low from the dozens of alpaca sock manufacturers we ordered samples from.

We purchased pairs from all over the world and kept running into the same issues. Poor manufacturing, low fiber counts or subpar performance in the alpaca socks currently available.

It became clear that alpaca is the perfect sock material -- but it was equally clear that no one was making a perfect alpaca sock.

(I know we have done just that 👇)

The Solution

We created a technical, performance alpaca sock that utilizes a high percentage of alpaca fiber to regulate temperature, wick moisture and make you pretty darn happy every time you pull them out of the drawer. We use cutting edge manufacturing techniques to make it form fitting, comfortable and durable. 

Comfort // Performance Alpaca Socks

The alpaca fiber provides superior moisture management and that means that even after DAYS of consecutive wears they won’t stink, helping you go all out, all day long.  A great wicking sock, creates a dry foot and THAT creates a comfortable experience. 

Fo//ow Ho//ow produces PREMIUM socks. We use 80% baby alpaca as our primary "ingredient". The best materials make the best socks on the market. Try em, you'll see and you'll come back to buy more.

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