5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Hollow Alpaca Socks

#1 - Soft & Cozy

100% comfort, zero itch. We've been told by our customers that our socks are softer than cashmere, which is all thanks to our use of “baby” alpaca fibers.

#2 - Lightweight & Durable

After two years worth of research we came to the conclusion that the best material choice for the perfect sock was alpaca. It was lightweight for comfort but durable enough to withstand wear from whatever we threw at it (running, cycling, hiking and skiing).

#3 - Comfortable In Any Climate

Alpaca wool has one of the highest moisture ‘wicking’ properties of all natural fibers, which keep your feet dry and comfortable in ANY temperature. On top of that alpaca wool socks are amazing at thermoregulation, meaning they’ll keep your feet warm in cold conditions, and cool in hot.

#4 - No More Stink

Say goodbye to stinky socks. Hollow alpaca socks do not contain lanolin, which makes them completely odorless, even through extreme adventures and long wears.

#5 - Made In The USA

We make all of our socks in the United States using cutting edge manufacturing techniques. This ensures our socks are hitting the highest quality standards for; size, fit, comfort and durability.